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No Job No Income

No Job No Income Overview

An Ideal Product for Primary Residence without a Job!

This program is Retail Only.

Available in CA, IL and HI.


No Job No Income Highlights

3/6 ARM (5/6 ARM rate +0.125)

♦ No job and income needed;
 No prepayment penalty
♦ Most recent 1 Months Bank Statement required.
 12 Months P&I Reserve (must be deposited into AAA-designated TCD account prior to closing).
50% of Down Payment Can be Gifted (for primary homes)

P&I Reserve Requirement
Foreign National or Cash-Out: 24 mos
All Others: 12 mos

Loan Amount P&I Reserve Requirement TCD Term
Foreign National up to $3.5MM 24 months 25 months
Non-permanent Resident 24 months 25 months
Cash-Out 24 months 25 months
All Others 12 months 13 months

No Job No Income Flyer

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