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Self Prepared Profit & Loss

Self Prepared P&L Overview

Self Prepared P&L is a good choice for self-employed borrowers who can not be qualified with agency loan and do not want to provide varities of income documents.


Self Prepared P&L Program Highlights

7/6 ARM (5/1/5)

1) No Paystub / W2 / tax return / 4506-C;
2) Gift funds allowed;
3) Max. Loan Amount $2M;
4) Max. LTV 70%;
5) Min. FICO 700.
6) Foreign National Allowed (CPA Prepared P&L)

*Please call for price: Low/Moderate Income CRA Product (Higher LTV & Lower FICO Limits) or FICO 680-699

Reserve in designated account (Deposit 1-year P&I in AAA-designated account w/ ACH, keep active for 6 months) +0.125 to price

Self Prepared P&L Flyer

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