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Similar with WVOE.

CA, CO, GA, IL, TX, VA, WA are available.

Program Highlights

7/6 ARM (5/1/5)

1) Foreign national allowed;
2) No paystub / W-2 / tax return needed;
3) Gift funds allowed;
4) Loan amount up to $2.0M;
5) Down payment as low as 30%;
6) Min. FICO 680.

What is Elite WVOE?

Did the Lender condition updated paystubs again and again?
Did the lender calculate your income and tell you that you are not qualify with the house mortgage?
Are you hard to find your copies of W2s or paystubs?

Salaried borrowers receive a consistent wage or salary from an employer in return for a service rendered and have no ownership or less than 25% ownership interest in the business. Compensation may be based on an hourly, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or semi-monthly basis. If hourly, the number of scheduled hours must be addressed. The income that is verified must be converted into a monthly dollar amount for use on the formal application (FNMA Form 1003). At the discretion of the underwriter, supplementary documentation of income may be requested.

The Benefits of Elite WVOE

For Elite WVOE, the lender only need a WVOE form to calculate qualified income, no any other income documents needed. This should be the most attractive key point of Elite WVOE. There is not any agency loans can do such program. Besides, different from other programs, Elite WVOE doesn’t need applicants’ too much assets.

How to calculate the salary?

- Use the base salary (semi-monthly, bi-weekly, or hourly rate as supported by YTD) from WVOE.
- Semi-monthly: Semi-monthly amount multiplied by 2 equals monthly income.
- Bi-weekly: Bi-weekly amount multiplied by 26 divided by 12 equals monthly income.
- Teacher paid for 9 months: Monthly amount multiplied by 9 months divided by 12 months equals monthly qualifying income.

Remind the employer to complete the WVOE form, then lender will proceed with the loan fast.

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