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It's a good choice for wage earner who can not be qualified with agency loan and do not want to provide varities of income documents.

Program Highlights

1) Foreign national allowed;
2) 12 months reserves calculated on PI;
3) No paystub / W-2 / tax return needed;
4) Gift funds allowed;
5) Loan amount up to $2.5M;
6) Down payment as low as 30%;
7) Min. FICO 680.

What is WVOE?

A Written Verification of Employment (WVOE) is a form to be completed by a borrower’s current employer to verify specific details about their employment, such as dates of hire, compensation structure (salary, bonus, commissions), and year to date earnings. At AAA LENDINGS, this WVOE form can be used to confirm a borrower’s income.

How to calculate the salary?

- Use the base salary (semi-monthly, bi-weekly, or hourly rate as supported by YTD) from WVOE.
- Semi-monthly: Semi-monthly salary multiplied by 2 equals monthly income.
- Bi-weekly: Bi-weekly salary multiplied by 26 divided by 12 equals monthly income.
- Teacher paid for 9 months: Monthly salary multiplied by 9 months divided by 12 months equals monthly qualifying income.

Remind the employer to complete the WVOE form, then lender will proceed with the loan faster.

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