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No Doc No Credit

No Doc No Credit Overview

No Doc No Credit refers to a type of loan in which the lender doesn't require the borrower to provide documentation of their income, assets, or credit history.


No Doc No Credit Program Highlights

4 Years Fixed (3 Years PI Reserves) Balloon
5 Years Fixed (4 Years PI Reserves) Balloon

Available in WA, OR, CA, FL, HI (Oahu only), GA, TX

4 Years Fixed is only acceptable in CA, OR and WA.
Investment property with Max. Loan Amount: $3,000,000.
Subject property can not be vacant for Refinance.
Only Investment Property (1-4 units).
Standard 1 Yr PPP (1%) (All PPP must conforms to local State law requirements.) ★Foreign National Allowed

*All require Reserves must be deposited in the account designated by AAA LENDINGS (Reserve Account: Non-Interest Depository Account)

No Need to Provide:

1) Credit Report;
2) Bank Statement;
3) 4506-C;
4) Tax Returns.


1) LTV 70%;
2) Property Type: SFR (1-4 units), Condo, Townhomes, PUD;
3) Foreign National;
4) Only Investment Property: 1-4 Units;
5) Purchase & R/T Refi & C/O Refi.

No Doc No Credit Flyer

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