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Use Borrower’s 6 months deposits of monthly income to support the stated income in 1003.

Program Highlights

1) No P&L Needed;
2) No WVOE Needed;
3) 12 months reserves calculated on PI;
4) Gift funds allowed;
5) Loan amount up to $2.5M;
6) Purchase & No R/T.

What is True Stated Income?

• Do you know how to use asset only to qualify for you house mortgage loan?
• Were you suspended or denied by the lender for a WVOE (Written Verification of Employment) program?
• Does your assets have not so much when you want to buy your own house?
• Didn’t your employer want to provide a WVOE form or cooperate?

If you have ever met the above situations, the program is similar with the {WVOE} program, it’s designed for salaried borrowers and self-employed borrowers. Non-QM loans have little such good programs that wage earners and business owners can both apply for.

How does this program work?

Just like the product name, this program is qualified with asset as well. See below:


If to choose the True Stated Income program, the borrower will only be required to provide an Asset Based Income on the Loan Application (1003). This income will be utilized to calculate qualifying debt to income ratio.

Who can apply for this program?

No matter you are a salary borrower or a self-employed borrower, you can apply for this program. For salary borrowers, no special documents are needed when you apply a new house mortgage loan of Non-QM with the lender. For self-employed borrowers or 1099 borrowers, a CPA letter may required.

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