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EQ Closed End Second


Easy Qualified Closed End Second.

Loan Term: Fixed; 15 Yrs Balloon.


1) Standalone's and Piggyback's Second Loan are Both Available;
2) Primary and Investment Property are Available;

3) No Prepaid Penalty;
4) No Reserves Needed;

5) Range of Loan Amount: $75,001 - $450,000;
6) Max. CLTV: 85%.

* Loan amount are rounded down to the nearest $100

Income Documentation

Option1: Bank Statements - 12 Mths Personal & Business Bank Stmts

★Personal & Business-Combined or Business (12mo.):
         § At least one of the borrowers must be self-employed for at least 2 years (25% or greater ownership);
         § Asset Depletion allowed with Bank Statement documentation;
         § Standard expense factors apply: 50% expense factor:
            ①If business operates < standard expense factor, P&L or expense letter from CPA, CTEC (California Tax Education Council), or EA (Enrolled Agent) required;
②Minimum expense factor with 3rd party prepared P&L or letter is 20%.

★Personal & Business Separated (12mo.):
         ①At least one of the borrowers must be self-employed for at least 2 years (25% or greater ownership);
         ②Asset Depletion allowed with Bank statement documentation;
         ③Personal used to qualify, 3 months business to show business cash flows in order to utilize 100% of business related deposits in personal account (no expense factor).

Option2: Full Doc - 1 Yr & 2Yrs

General Guideline

★30/15yr Balloon &40/15yr Balloon min loan amount $200k.
★Maximum Combined Liens - $2 M.
★Most recent 2 months bank statements required.
★Property Type - SFR, PUD, Condo-Warrantable.
★Properties listed for sale in the last 12 months are not eligible.
★Borrowers - Eligible for US Citizen, Non-Permanent Resident Alien (with US Credit), Permanent Resident Alien. Ineligible for Non-occupant co-borrowers & entities.
★3 tradelines reporting for 12+ months or 2 tradelines reporting for 24+ months all with activity in the last 12 months.
★Credit Event Seasoning - 48 months - Foreclosure, short-sale, deed in lieu, bankruptcy. No multiple events in last 7 years.
★Derogatory Credit - No open charge-offs or collections in 48 months. No delinquent tradelines at closing.
★Housing Lates - 0x30x12 On all mortgages for all borrowers. Minimum 12 months housing history required.

★Appraisal Requirements:
①Previous appraisal within 12 months + Residential Appraisal Review. Review value must be equal to or greater than appraisal;
②New 2055 appraisal and Residential Appraisal Review supporting value within 10% variance. Lower of two values to be used;
③Declining markets maximum 75% CLTV on Owner Occupied/2nd Home. Maximum 70% CLTV on Non Owner Occupied.

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