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Affordable Housing Portfolio Loan L


Affordable Housing Portfolio Loan offer flexible underwriting, highly competitive rates and fixed or variable-rate financing options with certainty and speed of execution.


7/6 ARM (30-Day Avg. SOFR)

1) Max. LTV 80%;
2) Max. Loan Amount $1,500,000;
3) All scenarios require 12 months P&I in the U.S. Financial Institution as reserves;

4) Primary Transaction must be CRA Eligible Loan:
①LMI of less than 80% of FFEIC median income for census tract; or
②Subject Property Located in LMI geographic location.

5) Investment Transaction must be CRA Eligible Loan:
①Subject Property Located in LMI geographic location.

* Cash Out/FN is Not Available
* Second Home Transaction is Ineligible

★Most recent 2 months bank statement required.
★Business funds may be used up to 100% of current balance if borrower can demonstrate 100% ownership of the business.
★Gift is allowed for 100% of down payment for all occupancies and properties, but no gift funds can be used for reserves.
★Subject property cannot be listed for sale at the application date.

★Max Front-End/Total Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio allowed: 38%/50%.
★No AUS required - Manually Underwritten
★Qualifying Interest Rate: Higher of fully-indexed rate or note rate.
★Condo must be warrantable by Fannie Mae; non-warrantable condominiums will be reviewed on an individual basis.
★Transaction must be an Arms-Length Transaction.
★Appraisal guideline: One Full Appraisal and One Automated Valuation Model.

 Elite P&L 

①.YTD + 2022 one full year P&L Stmt completed by CPA.
②.CPA Letter (from CPA that prepared previous 2 years tax returns) verifying prepared business ownership and same location for at least 2yrs & 2yrs business license.

 Elite WVOE 

Completed by Employer

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